Friday, July 23, 2010

Jesse's here!

Jesse finally arrived on the 16th of July. This happens to be the day of The Virgin of Mount Carmel. He arrived via c-section after 37 hours of labor. We're incredibly blessed with a 8 pound 14 ounce healthy baby boy.
I'm going to save the details for Clarissa to post, but let me summarize my experience. This was the absolute worst 37 hours of my life. I didn't have to push. I didn't have to feel the contractions. I didn't have to deal with back labor. But I did have to watch the person I love the most in the world go through pain that I can only imagine. My hat is off to all the mothers all over the world, in particular, my two sister-in-laws and mother, who also endure labor without an epidural for pain or Pitocin to speed things up.
But as with most things in life, the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the reward. I'm definitely in love with the little bundle of joy God has given us. I find myself dancing through my mother-in-laws house with Jesse in my arms. They say you can spoil a child by carrying him too much or by rocking him when he doesn't need to be rocked. I don't care. "Spare the rod AND SPOIL THE CHILD." I use that completely as an excuse because I couldn't leave him alone if I tried, and I'm not trying.
He's had the hiccups lately which is not surprising as he had them near the latter part of when he was in the womb. He's not particularly fond of them which means he cries when he falls asleep and then gets attacked by the vicious hiccups. Which in turn means that I get an excuse to carry my son and not look like the foolish doting father that I am.
You'll have to forgive me for not posting a picture. I don't know how, but I would probably leave that honour to Clarissa anyway.

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