Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last published in February

Its has been a long time since I posted, February to be exact and there have been many changes in the Kuhns residence. First of all, Jesse tested in Vegas and we got word that he received his 4th Dan from Kukkiwon. Although he applied for 5th, we were informed that all applicants who passed were given a Dan less than they applied for. Most did not pass, so I am fortunate and very proud of Master Jesse. What this means is that he is now able to provide Kukkiwon (Korean) certification to any person who passes our black belt test.

I tried to upload a video, but wasn't successful, maybe later.

Here is a snapshot of his test. 300 tested, about 20% passed. Congrats Jesse! You made us all proud!

Spring Break came, and Jesse and I decided to take a camping break at good ol' Casa Blanca Lake. It was quiet, nice, and I got to eat sm'ores.

Then came the KuGar Lock In where we keep kids at the TKD school all night long. It went great as it did last time. However, it took all that we had to stay awake. Some of the kids didn't make it though...

Then Easter came, and we had a blast at Tia Lucha's house. I have never seen my mom laugh so hard, or in so much pain. Yup, after a day of fun, she fell and broke her right arm, and left wrist. Poor baby. She is recovering now.

We then moved into our home, Pictures will come later. The house is almost finished, we need to paint one bathroom and our doors, everything is great!

Austin National Qualifiers came, and the Kuhns Klan went to Austin. Thankfully we got to see our God daughter for a little while we were there.

We had 4 competitors, and 5 medals!!! We have one student missing from the picture, but they did great. If you You Tube Search Lauro Lopez, you can see his fight, which ended with a knockout.

We have been living at our new home for about 3 weeks, and everything is going great. We have a lot of space and not too many things to place in it. We will get there soon enough. You will eventually get some pictures.

I haven't been able to practice in a couple of weeks due to extreme shin pain. I finally caved in and got myself checked. Well, my little shin splints turned into the beginning of stress fractures in my right shin, and my left isn't too far behind. Prognosis? We'll see. I have another X-Ray planned in three weeks. If there is no change or worse change, he mentioned some kind of bone or CT scan, whatever that means. Until then, no exercise, no stairs, no walking for exercise, no heels, arch support inserts in tennis shoes, and definitely, no kicking. Jesse and I knew the pain was pretty severe to be just shin splints, at least we have some sort of treatment.

Until the next time... Love from the Kuhns!