Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have some bad news...

I will be undergoing surgery on Saturday in Laredo, to remove my gall bladder. As many of you know, I have been battling some crazy pains in the side of my stomach under my ribs. After consulting with a doctor and looking at an ultrasound, it has been determined that I have many small stones in my gall. Lately, however, the pains have increased to the point of not sleeping. The pains are sharp and happen after I eat anything (especially fatty foods). So its salad for the next 3 days. The upside is that I will be PAIN FREE afterwards!! I will keep you updated on what goes on. Please keep me in your prayers.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I feel much better now...

that I have gone to confession. It is incredible how the beautiful sacrament of Reconciliation can make Mass so much more beautiful. Thank God I'm Catholic!! Have a Blessed Week!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A decision well made

For a long time, I felt a lot of guilt because I was pursuing a post-bacclaurate degree. I felt like that as a wife and future mother, my role was to stay at home and attend to my "obligations" as such. Every morning, when I would go to work or school, I asked myself if I was "wrong" in my steps. I didn't know whether the reasons I had for continuing my education were selfish or motivated for the wrong reasons. Would I be a bad mother if I continued? Did it mean I didn't love my family enough? Day in and day out I had all these questions and I ventured off to ask many people for their advice from priests, friends, advisors, and family. Although everyone's advice was quite appreciated, no ones answer filled my doubts. I was a modern Catholic girl in a Modern Liberal world. Well, I read a post by Katie Rose that led me to learn about St. Gianna, a wife, mother and doctor (and now saint!!) I realized that I may be answering a call from above that is a bit different. Maybe I could be a wife, mother, and psychologist. Over the last two months, I felt my 5 years of praying beng answered. My dear Mother from Above & Her Son have blessed me with an inner peace for which I longed. I no longer feel guilty. I no longer feel less because of my decision to pursue this career. I know I was placed on this earth to be a Wife, future Mother, and a child psychologist. No longer will I only have children that bear our last name, but I will have hundreds (if not thousands) of young minds in my care as well. What a feeling! What responsibility!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Weekly update of the Kuhns'

Howdy ugys and gals! I was witing to post to get soem pictures from our Galveston trip, but they will have to wait. Jesse and our friend Marucs and I went to Galveston last weekend for some camping and fishing. We didn't catch anything by rod, but Jesse has some good catches with his net. We then found out it was illegal to catch fish by net ad eat it, so we used the fish as bait. That night, we setup tent at Galveston State Park. We were stuck on the bay side which was very, very, very humid. We were not only stuck in horrible weather, but the mosquitos and biting flies were on the loose as well. After dousing (sp?) ourselves in OFF! we headed off to the tent. The boys went to sleep very fast, while I was wide awake and uber uncomfortable. So I did as any girl, and headed off to the truck at 4am and turned on the air and went to sleep. I have to say, I slept wonderfully. We ate breakfast at Waffe House (yummm!) and drove home. I love fishing and the beach, but I hate mosquitos, soooo... I think that was my last time in a tent in Galveston.

In other news, my first day of work was on Wednesday! So far, I am loving the job. We haven't done much but orientation and a bit training, but the professionals here are great! My cohort are 5 other people, one from A&M, one from Prarieview A&M, one from U of H, one from Indiana, and the last from Arizona. We have gotten along great these last couple of days which bodes well for the future. We really don't know much about which region of Houston ISD we will be getting this semester, but all in due time. Well my day has begun, so I will let you all know how it all goes later! Take care!