Sunday, December 30, 2007

2 years and many more to go...

My love, I love you more every day that I spend with you and you truly make me the happiest woman ever! Here's to the 2 years we have been together and to the 50+ we have ahead of us. te amo mi amor!

Happy Anniversary!


Friday, December 28, 2007

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

As my Christmas gift this year, Jesse got us tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We finally went to the long awaited concert last night, and it was amazing! The lights, the music the guitar playing, and the inspiration of it all were electrifying. It definitely makes you feel like a child looking at the lights with awe. What we thought would be a 2 hour concert ended up being a 3 and a half hour show. We had great seats and got to see real snow (which doesn't happen often in Texas or indoors for that matter). They come once a year and perform 2 shows. If you get a chance next year, don't miss it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Check this out!

My bro and sis in law showed me this really cool, which goes to show that anything is possible when you have a lot of time on your hands!!!

Check it out!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

33 years and counting!

There are two people that have impacted the lives of many but most the lives of three. They trained them, scolded them, hugged them, and then let them go to live their lives and always were our #1 fan. 33 years after they cemented their love in the Sacrament of Marriage, they have three grown, married children who adore them. My parents, today, celebrate their anniversary of 33 years. In a world plagued by divorce, they have managed to get through ups and down lovingly. I can not imagine life without these two (and I wouldn't exist hehe ). May the Lord continue to bless you with his Love and give you many more years together. Los queremos mucho!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

You know you are working in a school

when the teacher bathroom door has a sign that says "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie." with a sun happy face. A little weird but cute.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas time memories

Christmas will be a bit different this year. Now that I think about it, Christmas is usually a bit different every year. I guess that is what happens when Life happens. I remember the days that the Gonzalez family would gather at our home at Woods End in San Antonio. We would get a group together, along with our tennis rackets and act as though we were in a TImbiriche video. Years passed and the scene changed to our lovely Shady Winds home where the Gonzalez family gathered and played Spoons while Tio Raul would hide spoons before playing and make us all laugh at him when we realized he was cheating. We then played a game where we would slap our legs and then snap our fingers and try to remember each persons number as well as keep rhythm. The Garcia family would gather at Tia Sonia's house and we would go around the table saying what we were thankful. Christian would dance on the table and the little ones (me included) fumbled for the perfect words that usually included hoping everyone gets what they wanted for Christmas. Before the family feuding began we all got together and listened to Papa Grande as he retold one of his poems. I wish I hadn't been so young and could remember more of them, although who could forget the "ensalada de nietos" poem we all loved because it included all of us. The scene changed as did the years and the festivities moved to Laredo. We all got together at Tio Poncho's house for either Christmas or New Year's and played games, counted down, and offered a family prayer. We played dice/white elephant games, played charades, and got up to speed on life's experiences. The Garcia family slowly fell apart although I have to admit the two girls of the family Adriana and Hilda, have worked hard to keep us all together. Papa Grande passed away as well as our strong desire to get together every year. Recently, more attempts have been made to re-establish this connection. Years passed by and we had new additions to the family. Vero joined our family and we had one more to join in the festivities! Lorena began the famous primada posada every year and has kept pretty strong about it. New Year's had a new spin as we had a little red head blood attend the festivities for 6 years and counting. Every one practiced their English with him except for Mama Moncha who keeps making Jesse blush as she asks him questions in Spanish. He eventually became part of the family and now have him on a permanent basis (YAY). We don't see him every Christmas since he is usually hard at work making money for his wife and future family but we at least see him for some of the festivities. Then came the inevitable....Life...the Garcia Saenz will celebrate Christmas and New Year's from afar in Doha. We won't get to hear Enrique's famous laugh that makes us all smile. We won't get to see Vero's ever smiling face as she cares for her ever growing family (as well as tummy). We won't get to see our nephews this year...not in real life at least. This year we do have one more addition to the Garcia Gonzalez permanent family. Our youngest adult...Roxy baby who we all love because her dear heart melted the heart of Gerardo's. As with most marriages, you not only acquire a spouse but an entire family as well. So for the first time, I won't see Gerardo's smiling face during Christmas but fortunately....we got the Garcia Ibarrola's for New Year's Eve. This year will be a bit different although the spirit remains the same. I take it as a foreshadowing of the future. At the Christmas table, it will be Mama, Papa, Jesse and me. I think God is preparing us for next year when we finally move home and we will have a lot of just 'Mama, Papa, Jesse and me's' at the dinner table. Someday I hope to invite our Step-mother Joyce, for our Christmas or New Year Celebration (or both)...maybe next year. New Year's will also be a bit different this year. For over 15 years we have spent this holiday in Laredo. This year will be a bit different. It will be hosted by the Kuhns' in good ol' Houston. And thankfully, we will have Mama, Papa, Gerardo, Roxy, Jesse and me (and maybe a few others) at the dinner table. Life happens, and my parents and siblings have adapted. Jesse has to possibly work on New Year's Eve. Neither of the couples batted an eyelash when I asked to celebrate over here. They agreed without hesitation. So, in happens and we have to adapt but we can't lose the spirit of togetherness even though it is not as often as we would like. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!! Love you all!