Sunday, September 30, 2007

Results are in!!

Well, partially, I sent my results to my advisor last night, yay! Just one step closer to getting the dissertation done. Jesse and his friend Brandon went gigging this morning at 5am and caught one crab :). At least they had a great time! Jesse had been talking about going gigging for some time now and this morning was his chance. For me, this weekend has been very relaxing, staying up late, sleeping in...goodness! I put in about 8 hours on my disseration last night which is great. We got some great rain last night which allowed me to sleep like a baby. Life is good!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Justice didn't prevail this time...

Unfortunately, things didn't go well. Personally I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the defendant had a lawyer and well....we didn't. I was astounded by the proceedings. Have you all seen Judge Judy? Have you noticed that she is very rude to both the plaintiff and the defendant? Well it was JUST like that. The judge was very rude and didn't let us defend our points. He told the defendant's lawyer to stop talking at one point and to sit down. He also told one of the witnesses "Don't use the word Um in my courtroom". I had more faith in our justice system. Judge Judy isn't like that for television; that is really what it is like in real life. Jesse was portrayed as an unethical bad person (which we all know was untrue) who had many character flaws, and the defendant as a model citizen who follows the tenets of TaeKwonDo in his life as he teaches his students. This couldn't be further from the truth. Oh well.. life goes on. I still feel like we stood up for what was right. But we don't always win. As long as we win the Final Judgement, right? That is all that counts.

Thank you for all of your prayers. We really appreciate your support.
I ask all of you to please say an Our Father and a Hail Mary for the Pejo family. May they find Truth in their lives.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Long distance relationship while living together

Another weekend has come and gone...and my dissertation is on the same shelf it was last week. Ugh...Jesse has been working 4 days straight and this has been taxing on both of us so we have resorted back to our original means of communication-email. When I get home at about 5, I write to Jesse telling him of my day, the ups and the downs. When Jesse gets home at midnight, he responds about his day. By the time Jesse gets home, I am usually switching from dream 4 to dream 5. Texting each other when we have a free chance at work helps as well. This morning, we just talked for about 3 hours without getting up from bed. Most of all, we talked about how much we missed each other's company. It is in times like these that of all the things I miss about marriage, I mostly miss be able to talk to my best friend. But in order to pay the bills and put food on the table, we go to work and follow the discipline and look forward to the 2 minute conversations we have during the day. I have to admit, when Jesse and I get to spend time together, we talk, we laugh, and we talk some more. If we watch tv, we talk about what is going on on tv, and chances are we don't answer our phones (sorry, guys). Jesse is off at work again, so I can write a bit. As much as I dislike our current situation, I love my marriage more and more every day. And THAT is a blessing...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

As if the plumbing wasn't enough...

now the washer doesn't work...As many of you know, we have suffered the woes of defective apartments. Unfortunately, not all the parts are fixed. Two weeks ago, the breaker went out..and our dryer didn't work more than 10 minutes. Now.....the washer doesn't spin or drain...I will keep you posted....

In other news, I ask for all of your prayers... As many of you know, we will be taking our former TKD instructor to court on Tuesday at 1:30pm. I will spare you the details. However, in order for the Kuhns' to open up a credible martial arts school in Laredo, it is imperative that we win. If we do win, Jesse will be testing for his 4th Dan (making him a Master, finally) shortly thereafter. I desperately ask for your prayers from now until Tuesday. Fortunately, we have a good chance of winning since the Truth is on our side. Other than securing our future, it will prevent him to take advantage of others which we know has been happening for some time now. Again, I ask for your prayers, specifically to St. Paul, the patron saint of Truth.

I will update you and give a bit more details on Tuesday

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Roll somewhere else

A common problem in our children, teens and co-workers is the tendency to "roll our eyes". Yes, it may seem trivial but this tidbit of body language says so much and hurts so easily. There really is no reason for rolling our eyes. It never helps, it never solves anything. I would venture to say that rolling one's eyes is only done in a feeble attempt to show our disagreement and frustration. Are there other ways of showing this? Sure. "I don't agree" "I am very frustrated" and even the infamous "whatever." Rolling your eyes is a rude way of making a demonstration of your disgust. Please don't roll your eyes. It's not very nice.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Jesse!

You are my strength and my rock. May the Lord continue to bestow on you His blessings for many years to come. You are a wonderful man who is respected and admired by many. You are my hero and I look up to you and all you have accomplished. I know God has great plans for you and i am honored that I can be by your side as you pursue them!

I love you!!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More than 17

stones were in my gallbladder... How all those stones fit in my little gallbladder?? I have no idea but they sure caused pain. Thankfully, I am out of surgery and much better. I walk like I am 80 and have everyone pass me up in the hallway, but at least I am getting better. I have to admit the post-surgery pain was more than I thought, but it is slowly going away. It has offivially been 72 hours post-surgery, and I walk a little straighter, but I still hate coughing and laughing. My coughing spasms have gotten so painful, that I automatically start saying Hail Mary's as I start feeling the cough coming and in between coughs. But this is nothing compared to the years of pain that I could swear up an ddown was stress related. First surgery in my life....not so bad. Don't really want to do that again. One thing that was incredible, was how much support I had. I had no time to get nervous, as family members continuously dropped by the hospital. Not to mention, by courageous husband and parents who stood by me the whole time. I never had the chance to fear going under the knife. There are two people who I would love to thank. Chances are they will never see this, but I still owe them many thanks. My Tio Jesus Armenta and his father Tio Raul Armenta for operating on me. I couldn't have been in better hands. Plus, I got the compliment of having strong abdominal muscles and no fat . What girl wouldn't love to hear that from a doctor who actually saw under the skin? That, my dear people is the silver lining. So for you eager people who would love to see my stone infested gall ya go.
What you see here is my gallbladder (the little bag looking thing) and 17 stones that were in it. The crazy part of all of this, is that there are more stones in the gallbladder still. 17 are the only ones that didn't fall out. How did they fit in there for so many years?? PAINFULLY! :)

If you want to see a huge version of this pic, just click on it....
I would show you the video of Jesse shaking them, but I am going to guess you will take my word that stones are rock solid.

Praise God that it is all better and getting better all day!