Thursday, November 29, 2007

GOP Debate last night

I watched most of the debate last night and am still on the fence on some of the candidates. Personally, I really like Thompson and Huckabee is not so bad. To my conservative peeps....any of you dislike either of these candidates? If so...why?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quoting Santa on the Radio this Morning

"Keep the twinkle in your eye and the spirit of giving in your heart"

Friday, November 16, 2007

Catch up...

Okay I need to catch up with everyone since it has been a while since I have written....

Jesse and his friend Brandon went flounder gigging a couple of months didn't go so bad-well except for the fact they didn't catch any flounder. However, they did catch this little guy:

Then Jesse's Birthday rolled around and we did some butterfly watching at the Museum and passed by St. Arnold's Brewery for tour:

And played squabble (a modified super cool version of scrabble):

And they I went to the premiere of Bella in Houston, where I got to briefly see the famous Eduardo Verastegui.

AND then.....
more recently...
a week and a half ago, I went to College Station for a dissertation meeting. After the meeting was over, I went to a friend's house. As I was leaving, there was a small black kitten sitting outside. He was TINY. We knocked around to see if anyone had lost it to no avail. I then walked to my truck which was about 45 steps away (not that close) and got in my truck. I turned to the passenger's side to sit my purse down and when I turned around...the kitty had jumped in my truck and onto my lap and fell asleep.

Let me stop right here to let everyone know how much I was NOT a cat person. Especially one from the streets. This baby was too hard to pass up. So I took it to the small animal clinic at Texas A&M and they wouldn't take it without an appointment. I finally went to Lovan Care Clinic where they took it in and checked it out.

It turned out IT was a HIM and HE was 8 WEEKS OLD and weighed about 2 pounds. I decided to take it home and show it to Jesse. I stopped by Target and got a pretty cheap litter box, some cat litter and some food.

I got home, and he already knew what to do in the litter box. I still can't believe how cats are born with the ability to go to the bathroom in the litter box!!!!

His name was originally Bruce Lee. But if you say, "Come here Bruce Lee" it turns out more like "Brusli" and it doesn't flow. His name switched to "Sashimi" (Jesse's choice) to "Chop sticks" to .....drumroll please.... "St. Francis." It kinda sounds long but it flows great.

(Note: notice the Wine Spectator magazine, my husband is an avid reader. Questions about wine? Jesse knows the answer!)

He is cutie and a great companion. He wakes up with me and will sit on the sink counter in my bathroom while I brush my teeth and wash my face. He follows me around and has NO ACCIDENTS!!! As a previous diabetic dog owner....that has to be the best part. He doesn't shed, nor smell, and the loudest thing he does is meow... The best part of this is that Jesse fell in love with it. He even wakes up extra early to play with it.

He even agrees with me about how I feel about my dissertation:

That is it for now...Sorry it took me a while to post. I have had trouble uploading pictures for the past couple of days. Love you all....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Employee of the Month!

Muchas felicidades Jesse!!!! I love you!