Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tournament Finale & New beginnings

Well the tournament came and went, and we are back to our scheduled programming ;). Not all of our students placed but for many of them it was their first tournament and although I usually wouldn't recommend a tournament this big to serve as a "first tournament experience", having it here in Texas was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Our kids fought hard and in the end came home with a great experience. Our medal count was 5 people, 2 golds and a bronze. Congratulations KuGar Fight Team.

Okay so I have been putting off my licensure test far too long, and it is time to get down and dirty and check it off on my "to do" list. So my plan is this: Beginning tomorrow, I will put in 4 hours of study time in one sitting on a daily basis. Saturday and Sunday I will put in 6 hours of study time. I just applied for the examination and I will have to take the test within about 65 days (60 from the day the payment goes through). That gives me two months to get this thing out of the way. I have postponed it long enough (I should have taken it in March). Wish me luck, and pray for me.... I need it!

I ask all of you who read this (about 3 of your :) ) to take some time and please donate to a worthy cause. The brothers of St. John here in Laredo are working on beginning a Catholic Campus Community center at TAMIU. For those of you who went to A&M it would be similar to St. Mary's. Of course, it is a big plan and I have seen the proposal and let me tell you, it is beautiful. I ask you to take some time, and send $25 to the cause. The website is . All they ask for a small donation and together we can get this going. For those of you in Laredo, think of the need for a strong catholic community for the University age group. For my fellow Ags, remember how nice it was to walk over to St. Mary's for Daily Mass or the famous Aggie Awakening. Please help us make this possible for Laredo. If you would like more information, please give me a call!

Till the next time!!!