Thursday, July 31, 2008

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(drumroll please.......)

KuGar TaeKwonDo!!!!!

It has been a tough two weeks, but we are pretty much done and ready for class tomorrow. We have taken down walls and built new ones. We have added some couches, a Gatorade fridge, mats, and a whole lot more. I am happy to say that this place looks professional and appealing. There are a little touchups needed here and there, but mostly, we have all we need to get class started. We have our inventory in, our cokes, gatorades, and waters cold, and our spirits high. My parents have done a tremendous job getting helping us through these last two weeks. It would have been impossible without them. Not to mention that my dad has been taking private lessons from Master Jesse, AWESOME! You should see his poomse (form).

Anywho...if you are in the area come by and take a look. If you are interested, come by and sign up!! :)

We are installed in Laredo, and we have finally cleared my parents' garage of our "stuff". IT is great to be around family again. WE went to see the Coto vs Margarito fight at Tio Poncho's house, and had a lot of fun. I have seen most of my aunts and spent quality time with the folks. On Thursday, I was registered at my new job which starts Aug. 16. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to realize that I graduate next Friday! As some have done, I added a diamond to my Aggie ring as a symbol of my graduate degree, and it finally came in the mail today. To add to the new things in our life, my hair color is now BLACK! haha. See below! A bit different I know, but hey I am trying to keep up with everything new around me. (BTW, Jesse LOVES it) Jesse and I miss the boys so much and can't wait to see them in two weeks. Well, we have been living KuGar all day and night, and I am now exhausted!!!! (And we also worked out today). So, night night, world, and watch out, because KuGar is coming!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lessons learned

Let me tell you about this man I call my husband. He worked out up to 6 times a week after working 10 hour shifts. He ran sprints until he threw up and then continued on to the next workout. Some of the best coaches in the nation refer to him as a "machine". He is a modest man who knows his own strengths and weaknesses. Today, I saw him fight probably one of his worst fights. And by "worst" fights, I mean that he was "off" his game. He went out into the ring and did his thing, but for some reason his "thing" just wasn't "on". He lost to a guy at about one third his talent, and one one hundredth his heart. He then took about 30 minutes to himself. When I spoke to him, he was so disappointed with himself. He said to me "I don't know what happened. I knew what he was going to do and when he was going to do it, and I just couldn't get my self On. I don't mind losing to a person who is more talented than me, to a better fighter. But this guy is not by far a better fighter." This is supposed to be his last tournament he participates in. He is supposed to bow out gracefully, and move on to bigger and better things. But...when you look into his eyes, he has a hunger. a hunger for victory. I don't know if and when he'll fight again and if you ask him, he'll say he's done. But I don't think we've seen the last of Jesse the fighter. No. He's got more in him. All I can say is that as his number 1 supporter, I will always be cheering in his corner. He is my fighter, and he is the best. He might have been off today, but he is still the best. I know it. He knows it. His coaches know it. Just wait and see. He will do great things.'

Jesse, I am proud of you. You worked your tail off. You did what most don't do. You dropped over 40 lbs in the span of a couple of years and became one of the best. I saw you beat up a collegiate team member during practice. One tournament doesn't decide how good or bad you are at the sport. I know you are bummed out, but Animo, my friend. You always have a team mate in me. You may have not have had the fight of your life today. The refs may not have been on your side either. But you and I know that this could have happened to anyone. The real honor lies in what you choose to do with it. No matter what you choose, I am your esquina. Now and forever. I love you.