Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Baby Bug

I shoudl totally be sleeping right now, but instead....I am posting. I totally have to admit to having the baby bug. It really "bugs" me day and night. :) Our hearts are totally ready. Our minds are totally ready. Our pockets....well...thats another story hehe. Anyway, a colleague (who has two beautiful girls) once told me "You'll never think you are financially ready....but you will realize one you have kids...you actually are..." So the money issue, I am not concerned with at all. Timing, well thats another story. We still have to wait about 7 months so that I can finish my schooling. Did I mention that my doctorate has less and less meaning to me??? Maybe its just that right now my body is telling me its baby time, I don't know. What I do know is that I am thankful everyday that we have decided to follow our faith and use Natural Family Planning. I am totally at peace with it and even sometimes wish....we weren't following it so well ;). Well...babies will have to wait, especially because once we start neither Jesse or I know when we'll stop.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Crazy week

Next week begins one of the craziest weeks of the semester. The Texas A&M TaeKwonDo Team is hosting the 32nd annual National Collegiate TaeKwonDo Championship and yours truly is one of the ever-so-busy officers, and yours truly's husband is the head coach. What does this all mean? Well it is a huge even next Friday and Saturday and Jesse and I will be working our little tooshies to get it done. Jesse will be Sparring on Saturday and we will both be doing Forms on Friday. For those of you who don't know, Forms are the artistic side of TaeKwonDo where you do a series of techniques in a prescribed order according to your rank. You are then subjectively graded against all others of the same rank. Sparring is 3 2-minute rounds of non-stop fighting with a 30-second break in between. You may kick any area above the belt and punch above the belt, but below the head. You receive one point for a kick to the body that cause "trembling shock". You receive 2 point to a solid kick to the head. And finally, you receive an extra point if your opponent receives an 8-count. I will not be fighting, because I have been so busy with this whole officer/dissertation/work stuff, that I haven't gotten in into fighting shape and will postpone to a later time. My husband, however, will be fighting at the Bantam division ( which I have to mention he has to make weight at 136.7 lbs) I only mention it to descirbe my husband's devotion and discipline in the sport of TaeKwonDo. He weighed 184 lbs in May of last year. Today he weighed 145, and he will weigh 136.7 by Friday morning. Once he weighs in, he will have 24 hours to rehydrate and eat as much as he can. He has been running at least 6 miles every day, and when he is up to it, he extends it to 12. Crazy huh? I can't get myself to the student recreation center to run for 10 minutes!!! I ask for your prayers. He has a pretty big division and has to score first through 4th to move on to Team Trials. If you are in the area, I ask that you come and cheer on your fellow aggies. For the first time we will have a 38 member team and hopefully will take home the Collegiate First Place. Well it is off to bed for now my friends...but I will keep you posted. Kudos to our Godson, Gerardito for celebrating his first birthday yesterday and cousin Rafael and his lovely new wife Laura, who got married within the last 5 hours in Mexico City!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What I should vs. what I do

I should be writing my disseration.
I should be actively looking for apartments in Houston.
I should be vaccuming.
I should be washing dishes.
I should be beginning to pack.


I am sitting on my couch.
I am watching my favorite show, "Lost".
I am wondering what I am going to eat later.
I am writing my new post.
I am surfing the internet every 5 minutes.
I am just relaxing.
I am just sitting waiting for Jesse to get home from work.

I just am.
...and this is fun.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Beautiful Wednesday

Today was a beautiful day! I went to work and then went swimming at the Student Rec Center for a short workout. Again, for the third time this week, I am sitting at Sweet Eugene's late at night. But tonight, I haven't done much dissertation work (except for programming my computer to automatically backup my flash drive, whenever I mount it) but I have spent time reflecting...

I am genuinely happy. Why? Let me tell you.

I have a wonderful God-given husband.
He gives me strength and carries my cross with me when I can't do it on my own.
He leads me to God.
We have a wonderful one-of-a-kind relationship that can only be understood between us.
We know each other's thoughts just by looking in each other's eyes.
We have a faith that not only bonds us, but solidifies out vision as a family.
I married my best friend.

I have a wonderful family.
They bring out the best in me while help me work on my weaknesses.
I would not be me, if it weren't for them.
Our family is about to be complete (June 9th) and each person adds a special necessary part to the family.
Our family could not be more complete (except for new little ones!).
My heritage allows me to have a close-knit relationship my extended family (16 Tios and Tias & 27 Primos and Primas).
It takes an excel sheet to figure exactly how many family members I have!!!
My heroes are all related to me!!

I have wonderful friends.
They stop what they are doing to have a talk.
They call me for lunch on a daily basis.
They are genuinely good people.
They make me laugh.
They are for a lifetime.

I am loved...by the ONE....by my spouse....by my family....by my friends.
Thank you Yeshua!