Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Farm & Cruises

KuGar Farm is alive and well. Maggie has stopped eating our chickens for the time being. Our rabbits are doing well except the new additions, none of which survived. We went out of town for 2 weekends in a row and the first weekend it froze, killing 5 of 6. The second weekend killed the last little guy. Our other pregnant doe (Whitewithblackey) is due tomorrow. The bad news is we're headed out of town on Saturday for the week. Hopefully we'll still have some kittens (baby bunnies) when we get back.
Enrique (our brother) gave us 4 citrus trees for Christmass. All are doing very well. Three have produced dozens of these small, beautiful, and wonderful smelling flowers. The 4th has begun producing leaves again. It's a Mexican lime so I'm sure the Laredo heat will do it some good.
I mentioned earlier that we're traveling next week. Clarissa and I will be taking our first ever cruise!! We're headed to Cozumel and Progresso for the week. If you have any suggestions let us know.