Thursday, February 12, 2009

And we're off!

Well I am off to Vegas, baby! I am meeting my hubby who has been there since today. It turns out Jesse was approved by the Korean board (Kukkiwon) to test for his 5th Dan (Degree) Black Belt. The test is actually on Sunday but he had to register today and has to attend a Seminar Friday and Saturday. So of course we make a weekend out of it. Thats the update on the Kuhns.

I have to say that I miss my husband a whole lot. I realize that throughout my busy life, just the knowing that he is there is very peaceful and reassuring. WHen he's not a car drive away, my heart is restless. All marriages have their ups and downs. And it really feels like a never ending roller coaster. Some drops are scary, but you got to raise your hand to make it worthwhile. The climbs back up are slow, but once you pick up speed, they are very fun. Well, Jesse and I saw a movie together named Fireproof. It stars Kurt Cameron (Mike Seaver from Growing Pains) and it is about a marriage. Its about choices. I have to admit that the acting is not really Oscar worthy, although some of the characters are very funny. But the message is striking. Jesse and I measure the worth of a movie if it lingers in your head days after. If it is forgettable, its not very good. If it makes you think for a couple days after you've seen it, its pretty good. Well its been over two weeks, and I still think about it almost daily. Jesse and I talk about it pretty often. And its made us a better couple. Must be one heck of a movie, huh? Jesse and I often talk about friends of ours who are thinking about or getting close to engagement or marriage. Not that we are veterans by any means, but its almost as if those who are married are on P-staff, and they know something those who aren't don't. One of those things is the first topic in our Pre Cana class. Love is a choice. I can choose to tell Jesse that I can't stand when he does X or I can choose to smile, and turn my head the other way when he does it. I can choose to tell him something he did wrong or I can choose to either fix it for him or when not possible, admit to myself that I too make mistakes. Its all about choices. Well, its a great movie, but be sure to take the kleenex box with you. On another note, if you did enjoy it, be sure to look at all the special features of the dvd. They are great!!! Some are some crazy facts such as all of the actors were church volunteers! Crazy huh? Anywho. Go rent it, tell me what you think.

Did I mention that I miss my Jesse? :(

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hey Obama, Can I Live?

Nick Cannon, a prominent actor/rapper and Mariah Carey's husband has something to say...