Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting closer

to our due date. We finally received our "birth kit" from our wonderful midwife, Alisa. It seems surreal that next month we will finally be parents. We are making the final arrangements so we can be as ready as possible. Physically, I can tell we are getting closer because my graceful walk has turned into a penguin waddle and it takes a while for my hips to cooperate with walking. Although I am still working out, my workout has been greatly modified. Fortunately, I only have to work until June 24th, and then I get a big break until the baby comes. Unfortunately, summer hours at a school district are 7:30 to 6:00, so most of the day drags. Thankfully, my baby is with me these 10 hours a day, andhe reminds me that the day is getting closer when I get to hold him in my arms by the soft kicks and turns in my tummy.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The stairs

There are a flight of stairs that lead to our TaeKwonDo school. It has been our belief that unless you are handicapped in some way, there is no excuse for using the elevator instead of the stairs. So, unless I am moving a dolly or something with wheels that is impossible to carry, I have climbed those stairs every day since we opened in August 2008. This may seem like a trivial matter. However, I am now almost 8 and a half weeks pregnant and carrying over 30 lbs extra as I walk. Every day as I approach the stairs I think to myself, "Surely I can take the elevator." But I can't get it out of my mind that if I can physically climb those stairs without endangering my baby, then I have no excuse not to, even if I am completely out of breath at the top, or my calves are screaming at me. The way I talk about these stairs one would think it entailed climbing 3 or 4 flights, but no, its just one. So day after day, I refuse to take the elevator, just as I refuse not carrying things under 40 lbs. I refuse to stop my daily activity because I am pregnant. I have known many people who use different excuses (including pregnancy!) to slow down their activity level to being almost nonexistent. I have to admit I work out about 3 times a week now, and my run/jog has turned into a brisk walk, my head kicks, are now knee level, and I have resorted to doing girl pushups (with my knees on the ground), but I have not quit. And I don't plan to....unless I have to. So those stairs are my motivation to continue doing what I do, one more day, until I can no longer do so. And when I can't climb those stairs any more...then.....and only then....I may start using a cane. ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maggie is Found!

I had to admit, Jesse and I had lost complete hope in finding our little pal. After having lost her on Friday night/Saturday morning, we figured someone had picked her up and givenher a home. Well that was the case, but the kind people looked for signs and ran into one of our flyers last night. It just so happened to be Maggie's first birthday! It was heart breaking to pick her up becasue the little girl that foun dher had bathed her, fed her and obviously played with her. Her mother told me she had fallen in love with the dog over the weekend. Although their kindness was evident in their calling us, they were not very nice when I was at their house picking the dog up. I guess I would feel the same way if I had taken care of Maggie over the weekend and then had to give her up. Maggie is safely home and as happy as she can be. :)