Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have you heard?

We have had 15 new members this month and January is not even over!!! The best part? Two of the parents that sign up their multiple kids responded that they heard from someone that goes to a different school that they heard that this school was great and they can't get out of their contract to switch over. Another parent told me that their coworker heard that this as the best school in town.

Way to go KuGar!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

new tile, Installing a pool, new furniture, and hollywood

Howdy! Its only two weeks into the year and so much has been going on. First off, the tile is finished and here are some pics.

So there is a new tile, and as some of you heard, we decided to install a pool. Inside the house. Okay maybe we didn't decide to install a pool, but a rubber hose in our bathroom sprung a leak and proceeded to leak water covering about half of our house. Thankfully, we had nothing in the house and the water damage specialists made it in from Alice in about 2 hours. They got the water out and the following day, the whole place (including walls) were dry. We are waiting on the damage to our wallets. About three days before the leak, Jesse and I decided to get new furniture. We ended up getting a really nice set from Ashley, including the coffee table, and two end tables.

Lastly, I wanted to share a new blog of sorts that I read almost daily. Its called Big Hollywood and its put out by Big Hollywood is an outlet for conservative, writers, producers, and actors who are the minorities in their profession. As in all blogs, there are good ones, and there are bad ones. What I like about it is that it gives me hope that there are people out there in Hollywood who are trying to get their word out. People who are hoping we can turn it around. Or at least admit that there is a problem. Check it out.

Until next time :)